Monday, 13 May 2013


Every action of ours has a consequence. And that consequence is based on what we did, how we did act, how we did think and what path did we choose for our journey. Destiny gives back everything it ever took from us and takes back everything it gave us. Amidst all this, there is one ultimate reality which cannot be altered however we might neglect it or whatever perception we possess on the world around us. Life of an individual undergoes evolution, by being churned in the vicious circle of all these facts. And my life was no different. The day I met with an accident, was the day that changed my perception towards the world forever and ever. As soon as my car did slide off the cliff, I lost my control on the brain, besides gravity. How much time was I left with? May be 15 seconds! And in those 15 seconds, I understood many things that my 15 year education did not teach me!

  I recollected the lives of 4 persons who were an integral part of my life. 4 different ‘persons’with 4 different mentalities and I am going to introduce them to you all…

5 Year old me:
As earliest as I can remember. We were residing in one of the best colonies and childhood was a fun filled one. Gully cricket, I Spy and many more games used to carry forward our days besides the daily routine of acting out a stomach ache drama so as to escape the tedious activity of attending school. Everything was a cake walk for me.

17 Year old me:
Everything around me started making sense to me. On the alternative days, my mother and father used to sleep on the floor to make enough space for me on the bed. In a locality where people stand for ten hours in front of a shop for the ration, my parents made me feel like we were in a heaven! Sacrifices made by them and struggles taken by them were like a thick carpet spread over on the path of thorns. That was the moment when I decided that struggles would be my back pack from now on and I would never let them down. My vision was clear, I decided that I shall not leave any loose strings in achieving my dream of clearing the civils and I sacrificed my social life entirely from then on.

24 year old me:
Became the first person from my locality to clear the civils and the environment was festive all over the colony. The first thing I wanted to do is to improve (provide!) the basic facilities of my society. But my posting was done in a far away city and that came as the first disappointment to me. I had to bribe a huge amount of 1000k to re-shift my posting to my area. Our family was in huge debts then and I had to take the big risk. I know nothing is more to me than the colony I was brought up in, but not more than my parents’ comfort. They have suffered enough. As soon as my fix up my family problems I would be starting with the development of the colony.

35 year old me:
I became a successful person, responsible son and caring father. Got everything I wanted in my life. Of course drifted off my path a little by taking the bribes and approving the projects. It all started because of my cornered situation where I had to pay off all the debts and I wanted to do that soon. Started taking some low profile harmless bribes. And it continued as my desire to see my parents in a more and more comfortable position increased, until we had a duplex in one of the costliest areas of the state. And then came the responsibilities of being a husband and a father. Needed to secure their lives first and that became my primary goal. This continued as life gave me different challenges in different ages. Then one day, I did read a news on my ex-colony which I swore to develop. A kid died due to infected water, taking the tally of deaths to 13 that month. 13 deaths! That means a huge distress to 13 families! What was I doing! I ruined everything just by not holding on to my responsibility. I hardly slept that night and that’s the last thing I remember.

The colony, it’s problems, lives of it’s residents and their pleas- everything remained the same. What changed was my perception towards the life as I grew up. But does that soothe my conscience and can the reality be altered because of the change in my perception! Of course not. That’s what philosophy of life is about. And such a disappointing life is going to end within few seconds. Wait! It’s been some hours and those 15 seconds are yet to be finished and if the above mentioned thing is the last thing I remember, how the hell did I end up in sliding off a cliff! Then the car hit the ground and I opened my eyes. It’s been a ride of realisation for me. I started walking to my working room to settle the things once and for all, however hard that may be! 
Vivek Reddy