Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The First Anniversary

A girl's perspective! 

“I love you to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
“Faith makes all things possible, love makes them easy”
These are the three best quotes I have come over in my life which sounded grave before I met him but are seeming soulful at present, after the one year of our immortal relationship.

3…2…1… and there is it. One of the beautiful and memorable day of my life has just unfolded itself in front of me. My phone has hardly even rung once before I lifted and blabbered something out of excitement. “Happy anniversary” are the words I expected from him at the first. But a tear rolled down my cheek when he said “I love you.” It was the tear of joy, which became a regular part of my daily life from the moment he entered into my life. “Me too” I replied with a choking voice. All I wanted to do on the occasion of our love anniversary is to hear unlimited times that he loves me, although that has become an axiom for me.

Our countdown started for the day of our anniversary. Oh my god! It has been just 11 months that he had entered my life! But it seems like I had him in my life all through these 19 years. This was probably because it was he, who made my life meaningful and made me feel that my life is worth living. All the people out there may treat this as foolishness- waiting for anniversary, that too a love anniversary. But its not about celebrating the one year of his entering into my life. Its about celebrating one year of love he has given me, one year of care he has taken me of and mainly it’s the celebration of one year of life we had lived with our hearts exchanged to each other. 

People say time flies! But at this moment, ask me I’ll say “time is static” . It was not the first wish of the day but definitely it was the best of my life. He called me up at 12.05 after being warned several times by customer care that the user is busy at the moment. And he said these words which I probably won’t forget even in my last moments of my life, “Sandy, Happy Birthday. I love you and will be loving you until you celebrate your last birthday. And I’ll never let anything to hurt you. Just be with me all through my life no matter of the circumstances.”  It was these words which made my birthday special besides the cute teddy and doll which he gifted me. Teddy, representing him and doll is like our baby! Sooo cute. 

This was the day he proposed me, rather I would say it was the moment he lead me into his world and became a part of my world. I went running to the terrace as soon as my phone showed his name blinking on its screen. “I’ll be with you for ever and ever. I love you and ……….. I don’t know what to talk. I just love you...” he said . Idiot, he is. I know this moment was coming but wasn’t expecting such a stupid proposal!!! But he continued, ”this might be stupidest proposal ever but it is you who is making me blabber and when I talk with you, I run out of my words. You just swept me off my feet.”  Although I was expecting this, it felt different, I felt that my world had brightened up and my heart just skipped a beat. “Me too” I replied instantaneously. I don’t know the reason of this instinct. But it is that “There will be one moment in everyone’s life. That moment seems to be more valuable than the entire life. And the person who gives you that moment is your soul mate. For me- This is the moment and he’s the one.”  I hope this moment stays me for ever.

All these days, I have observed one thing. His love for me is not the same, but has been increasing with every second of life lived. No words to describe this moment of love and just feel the silence. The speciality of this day is not that we did something more romantic or more different. It was just like any other day, the love, the care- just amazing. But what’s special is that this day represents the completion of one year of our lovely lives.
 Thanks for being a part of me and making me feel on the top of the world”. 


Friday, 25 November 2011

SOUP BOYS (why this kolaveri di)

As always, we (praneeth, yeshu and me) made our way somehow to the terrace of our hostel to celebrate the end of exams by enjoying the delicious paranthas (of course not from mess) and coke tins. Oh wait. Pranee has upgraded from coke to vodka and we know the hell that is going to happen when he does this every time. We are so habituated with his irritating heart breaks. But we had no choice, neither do you, other than listening to his silly love story.

After a shot of vodka, he started humming the latest sensational flick “why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di. ” and dancing to it, forgetting the fact that he is one of the worst dancers ever.

After three shots, he said ”Dude, this time I loved that girl sincerely ” as he says awlays, “her name is Maddy, I loved her madly, but she left me sadly” he said feeling that he had just said a beautiful line from Shakespear’s.

But after the fifth shot, it became worse, he started to narrate from beginning. But before that, it had to start with the sentence, “Dude, don’t even think that I am high! No, I am not. I know what I am talking!”
“Actually, we met in fb, our friendship gradually grew into love and finally, one day, when we met personally, we broke up.”

That’s it. With the completion of this epic love story, Yeshu went to the highest stage of frustration and shouted “You moron, what the fuck is this? Does this make any sense?” and went off.

That’s it. Because of the words of Yeshu, he completed the whole bottle. A boy who broke up is the most dangerous thing in the world, especially if he just had a whole bottle of vodka. And result action was on me!

Next morning, Yeshu woke up shocked, to see me with band aids all over the face and wounds all over my body. It pained even more when that idiot Praneeth asked me “Dude, what happened to your face?” “Shit happened you rascal” I wanted to shout but a solid blow from him, on the mouth caused too much pain to open. “I thought of introducing you to Sammy, my girl friend. But with these bruises it would be awful. You stay, I’ll go with Yeshu” praneeth said and left.

Oh god! Not again. When he finds a girl, Yeshu is the lucky bastard who gets treats and meetings with her friends. But at break ups? Well, you know what happens! Pch… I laid down on bed and turned on fm and it too teased me “Why this kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di.”

Friday, 18 November 2011


NARRATOR: A person with a sinless mind.

Just three bullets is what all it took! Pressing the trigger three times with revolver at point blank range, gave me a place of hatred in the hearts of people. I felt so bad for one thing- that the political trickster got loved more and more after the incident. I was the one who fought for eradication of untouchability, caste system and differences between the religions. I used to dine with the labour daily to show people that we all are equal. But today, I’m being hated for the single reason that I’ve ended the national threat which is in the form of national hero. I can’t take this anymore. Today I’m going to use the fourth bullet, but on myself. Who knows this might convert my status to a coward from a notorious assassin. So, this suicide (confession) note is for you, just to know the truth behind my deeds:

That day was like just any other, my enemy coming out for evening prayers, and a huge crowd gathering to see their idol. I just got stunned by the amount of love they were showing towards him. For a moment, I even felt that I was going to do a big mistake. There came the man with his trademark khaddar clothes and watch hanging out from his dhoti, with a pair of simple glasses over his eyes and smile of million thoughts on his lips. It was as if I too was standing there mesmerized. I started running towards him, pushing aside those who come in my way.

“If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on in his own way”. That’s too much of acceptance. And there goes my FIRST BULLET.

“He began to hold his prayer meetings in a Hindu temple in Bhangi Colony and persisted in reading passages from Quoran as a part of the prayer in that Hindu temple in spite of the protest of the Hindu worshippers there. Of course he dared not read the Geeta in a mosque in the teeth of Muslim opposition. He knew what a terrible Muslim reaction would have been if he had done so. But he could safely trample over the feelings of the tolerant Hindu. To belie this belief I was determined to prove to him that the Hindu too could be intolerant when his honour was insulted”, it resulted in THE SECOND BULLET.

“The blackmailing tactic of him, fasting to death is even hated by our freedom fighters like the Prime Minister. Almost everything in India is done with his consent. If it does not, then comes the black mailing fast onto the screen. It was enough. India should be free from all kinds of impure leaders” and bang, IT’S THE FINAL BULLET. It resulted in a faint ‘famous two words’ from the great politician. 

I even, did not try to run away from that place knowing that crowd would stab me to death. I felt happy. The sun has set indicating the end of false light and giving the hope that it would return with a true shine. Had this act not been done by me, of course it would have been better for me. But circumstances were beyond my control. So strong was the impulse of my mind that I felt that this man should not be allowed to meet a natural death so that the world may know that he had to pay the penalty of his life for his unjust, anti-national and dangerous favoritism towards a fanatical section of the country. I decided to put an end to this matter and to the further massacre of lacs of Hindus for no fault of theirs. May God now pardon him for his egoistic nature which proved to be too disastrous for the beloved sons of this Holy Land. 

Ending my life with a final hope that people in our country get to their senses about the false leaders they are getting ruled by. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Dream- a wonderful world...

You might be trying to solve problem for days, and then you suddenly see an old man walking to you looking alike Dumbledore and working out the solution. Or you might be wearing your favourite Armani suit getting down from your personal chopper in Bond style. All that you want in real world may be opening in front of you in a magical world called DREAM. Those who have watched Inception might be familiar with the depth of the dream world.

The wonderful feeling of experiencing an infinite loop, sometimes send sharp pulses down your spine. For example if you did see a road accident, then you may experience a dream in which you save a person, then he dies, again you save him ….. And this routine continues which results in you, sudden waking up and not knowing whether you were dreaming or not! There are incidents in which people went into state of mental depletion due to such vivid dreams. The most amazing fact of dreams is to bring different parts of a puzzle to complete it!! Puzzled? In a dream what actually happens is your sub conscious puts together all the minutely related things which were part of your day to form an unbelievably beautiful play which casts you mostly in a dangerously interesting role. In this astonishing play is sometimes influenced by external stimuli. As in the most familiar situation of ringing of your alarm. You may experience it as walking through Buckingham palace amidst the royal orchestra.

All the faces in your dreams are the ones you might have crossed over in real life. The minster of your kingdom may be the guy who served you delicious pizza that afternoon or your lovely princess might be the girl who won miss freshers at your college! There is no way that your mind creates a new character out of nowhere. Dreams are not what they are about. For instance if you have teeth falling dream, it doesn’t mean you are concerned with the condition of your teeth. It implies your care towards your beauty! Thus dream interpretation became a truly interesting topic. Not as deep as in the case of the shepherd boy in ‘THE ALCHEMIST’, but interpretation of the dreams may lead to treasure, the treasure here being our true nature.

Coming to the most interesting thing- Is dream sharing possible? I’m afraid it’s not. Dream sharing, which is an amazing concept put forth by visionary director Chris Nolan, is about more than one person sharing a single dream and exchanging their ideas via dream. And Nolan didn’t just put forth the idea right out from the air. He created a virtual sci-fi world. The PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin Intravenous) device is a movie prop that drives Inception’s story. Lithium-iodide batteries provide this device up to 200 hours of power. A "LED display with atomized timer" provides the operator with continuous system updates. Numerous IV lines allow multiple users to essentially network their respective dream states, with one person acting as a conduit for everyone to hallucinate around. But this involves injection of fluids which carry dreams of one person and hallucinating others which seem highly impractical in present day. However, the future that allows people to have some control over their dreams and sharing them is interesting! Isn’t it? The PASIV is a concept that can potentially inspire researchers and inventors to produce real-world technology that lives up to the fiction, literally opening up possibilities limited only by our imagination. So there’s an interesting sleepy future out there for us!!

That’s the conclusion and here is an interesting one line fact for you:
“If you are snoring, then you are not dreaming”.