Sunday, 14 October 2012


“ Rape cases: Whenever I read them, I can feel the crazy, sick bastards taking this world to a new level of insanity! I don't even consider them as a human. But still, we have to fight. Because we can’t be just sitting here and read the news while those animals tear up our fellow women!

WTF is wrong with people here!! Past couple of months every day, every single newspaper there is a rape news !! People , today it is a news for all of us but tomorrow it can be a incident for any of us !! Dear Youth, we are the power of the nation .. i guess we can do something against it . (at least a rally or something just to warn people that youngsters here are not JUST READING NEWS !! )

 This is the post that is being forwarded in the fb and promoting awareness about the crimes that are going against women in our country, especially in Madhya Pradesh! I request you all to share this and make it viral until government takes actions to reduce these cases! If you are feeling that you are a star and sharing these posts is not up to your level, just think of this as another status which you people put up wishing Katrina kaif on her birthday or praising Sachin for his 100th century! Well, this is something more than that! A small story that doesn’t tell you any morals, but just incepts them into you………..

There was a senior of mine- a fun loving guy, witty, humorous and dominating. These are the characteristics that are sufficient for a person to be famous in college. And with that fame comes arrogance. Arrogance that gave him confident that he can make satires on anyone and everyone. When this status(first para) is posted by my friend, he commented on that by sharing some offensive links that made fun of my friend for sharing such statuses! Well, “it’s cool”, right? He too thought so. There started a fight amongst them and some others joined too in support of my friend. He backed off for then. As it happens in engineering colleges, he thought of beating my friend black and blue for opposing him. But when he was about to leave the house, his sister came running to him. She was trembling with fear and crying. When he asked about it, she said “Bhaiyya, three drunk fellows followed me for a certain distance and then started rounding me. I thought my life’s gonna end. But a junior of yours was passing by and started fighting with them. He ……. He saved me.” She broke down completely then. When he asked her why was she crying still, she just replied “It was one to three. And he got……………”
Here, that senior is not a specific person. Everyone have that type of behaviour in them. We try to be the centre of attraction and in that process, we hurt many ‘souls’.



3.mob incidents

These are just a few of the million cases! Where the hell is world going to? Final stop would be hell, for sure! But even the path they chose is nothing less than hell. In the last case, i.e. mob incident case, what state of mind were they in, chasing the police van to attack the girl?? We have to fight for it. For now, at least make this viral, so that we don't get to see our sisters amongst those victims! And those who don't want to take part in it, just don't make fun of all this!



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