Wednesday, 22 February 2012


   One breath is all it took, to fall in love with my college. A long road succeeding the entrance board named “MAULANA AZAD NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY” was awaiting my footsteps. It seemed like a magical path, which separated my tensed past with the mysterious future.
   Greenery- the long lost word in the streets of Hyderabad is what I’ve found here first! They didn’t just seem like the group of trees planted all around, but it was looking as if mother nature is wearing a beautifully embroided green sari and of course she was looking gorgeous in this look. I wondered why we(humans) are destroying her and at this moment I got a thought that increasing sea level(due to green house effect) is indicating the cries of nature to save her.(even though its not necessary to mention this here, I feel like…).
   Deciding to join in manit was the biggest decision of my life until now and I’m so thankful to my parents for having supported me in my decision. The first step into the train from Hyderabad, the first time when the beauty of this campus is unfolded to me, the first time I ever bade so long goodbye to my mom and dad…. These are definitely amongst the most unforgettable moments of my life.
   After the admission in college and hostels, we roamed around the campus and I’m not bored to say once again “Just Marvellous”. Of course the hostels were in exact opposite to this word(including the food in the mess… and the rooms… and the facilities…and … ok, the list is never ending). But the main attraction of the campus is nature(except for those pigs and stray dogs). It was like we were wrapped within the 680 acres of beauty.
   Concluding my first part, I couldn’t think of any incident other than this:
   That was the first day in college and we met some seniors along with my parents and they were so caring(!!!) and they said to my father “Don’t worry uncle, here in this college, there’s no sign of ragging” and at that time, I didn’t know at that time that this statement can be given lolmax’s status!

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