Sunday, 17 June 2012

Merry Go Round

“You need not talk for hours to show your love. it can all happen in just a sip of coffee, a blink of eye, a line of a song, or in just a bunch of words.” 
                      ~ My Friend.

“There will be one moment in everyone’s life. That moment seems to be more valuable than the entire life. And the person who gives you that moment is your soul mate. For me- That was the moment and she’s the one.”
                    ~ Me

  “Dad, you promised me to take to the exhibition today. And as always you got some other important works! ” cried my sweet angel Maya.

   She has the reason to be sad. This is the sixth time I’m cancelling our exhibition plan. My life partner, Swetha, is no more in this world and all these years, I’ve been the father and mother of my sweet 5 year old daughter. I’ve never been to the exhibition after the sweet memories that left me a sour past to remember, at the age of 15. I don’t wanna recollect those moments and hence have been neglecting the requests of Maya. But today, she was desperate. I could no longer bear the tears from those lovely little eyes. Vroom, we went to the exhibition.

   Maya was happy, happier than ever. Seeing her on the merry go round reminded me of my first love! 20 years back, a similar merry go round stole my heart for ever and ever.

  “It happened in the year of 1992. I was 15. It was raining heavily that day. We were playing football in the nearby ground, just when a faint sound grabbed my attention. It was from the old merry-go-round that was on one corner of the ground. On that, I saw a beauty just going round and round and made by heart go round faster than it. Heavily drenched, she looked like a down to earth goddess. Her hair was flying all over, resembling the waves of immortality. Just when the merry-go-round turned with her, facing me, I saw the most beautiful face in my life. Seeing her face, first thing that my mind imagined was about the amount of hard work the Lord has done in creating such an immortal beauty and blending innocence along with it. He made her so damn perfect! So perfect that he too might have felt jealous of her beauty and hence he tried to make her imperfect by creating a mole just below her lips. But, he ended up making her beauty unmatchable. That mole made her look more angelic. The first thing I noticed about her is that mole and it just swept me off my feet. From that day onwards, it has become a daily routine for me to wait in the ground for her and just keep on seeing and admiring her beauty. However sweet the dream may be, you have to wake up from it, and one day, she stopped coming to the ground and that’s the end of my story! Silly, isn’t it? No… not at all silly for me. This short lived encounters with her clarified one thing for sure… Love at first sight! It may be unsuccessful, but it was love! After that incident, I never met her again, except in my dreams. As in the maximum cases, my first love too, was a failure and I too got over it and fell in love again with Swetha, my colleague at work who became my life partner.”
  “Daddy, daddy…” came my daughter clinging in my arms. “… Mom used to tell me story of her childhood, when she used to love the merry-go-rounds. You know what, she always used to tell me about a boy who used to watch her daily while she goes round and round. Then one day she shifted along with her family to some other place where she met you after many years! Isn’t that cute daddy?”
She asked sweetly as a tear rolled down my eye.

 "Life is a merry go round. You may leave the moments you enjoyed the most but life takes you back to those moments, this time not to leave them, but to live them."