Sunday, 3 June 2012


Dear Maya,
              Sure, I’m writing this letter now, but at the same time thinking deeply about our friendship which stood by me all these years, missing your divine smile which used to comfort me in any adverse situation and feeling your presence every second of my life. So, I know you are fine and will be. The reason for writing the letter is a dream, a very very special dream. A dream, a very short dream that stole my heart and persuaded my brain to write this.

       I remember every detail of the dream, because it was not just a flash of unwanted events as it used to be every day. This was like a canvas beautifully painted by nature itself. In this dream I saw ~
    “Amidst the rustling leaves and thick darkness, I was waiting. Waiting for something or someone, I don’t know. But it was awesome- the wait. Just then, the moon did rise. Infinite darkness and immortal moonlight have been competing each other to gain my attention. Suddenly, it rained. It was not just an ordinary rain, it didn’t rain water, but it rained roses. I was soon feeling the velvety touch of roses on my cheeks. But all of a sudden, there came an earthquake and I sank into the deep grounds.” That was all I dreamt of. I dream of nature, I dreamt of moon, I dreamt of roses. I dreamt of us.

Didn’t u get it how this silly dream of meaningless consequences  was meant to be you and me? Ok. Let me explain how it is interpreted~
   “I was waiting. Waiting on a bench in the valley. I have everything in front of me that can make any person in this world overflow with happiness. The beauty of nature was so pleasurable to the eyes. But my heart was waiting for something else. It was waiting for you. The rustling of leaves that I dreamt of was your sweet smile which made my heart skip a beat. The thick darkness that competed with the moonlight to grab my attention was your curly hair. And the moon which had risen and swept me off my feet was your heavenly face. The shower of rose petals was your beautiful lips, which kissed my cheek. And finally, the earth quake which took me into the earth is your love which made me sink deep into your heart.

   It actually was not “I dreamt of us.”
It is “I love us.”
Waiting for your sweet reply, your choice, whether to make my(our) dream come true or let it always be as a memory to me. With lots of love.
Yours lovingly,

NOTE for readers: THE PHRASE “I LOVE US” is taken from the movie ‘500 days of summer’

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