Wednesday, 23 May 2012


“Just as the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His Crucifixion, redeems and opens to Salvation all the souls that lived before His nativity and all the souls that shall come after Him, to the end of the World, this supreme sacrifice of Sita, her Banishment from a society that had already begun to show signs of a growing corruption, redeems and purifies all the women that lived before her advent, and all the women that are born after her.”

“In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman”
                                                                                            ~ Elizabeth Stanton.
“Woman is the divine object, violated, endlessly sacrificed yet always reborn”
“Women are like the magician’s trick. We should admire them, but not try to understand.”

  Sita- This one word is enough, to attach the dignity and divinity to the whole of the woman race. Some did set great examples to the world over millions of years. But one question always arises- Are present day women eligible for these ‘divine’ attachments to their race.

   The times which have given us inspirational women like sita have also given us evils like Surpanaka. But present times are more difficult, because inspirations and evils are existing in same person- simultaneously. For example, Indira Gandhi, who’s considered to be the most influential women in the world, established the women power all around the world, still ended up as one of the cruelest and cunning politicians!

  Women, being the prime most and interesting evergreen topics have been praised and panned equally by all. Some times she(a woman) is considered an inspiration, sometimes she’s just an element in jokes, sometimes she’s said to be mentally weak person, but most of the time, she’s an example of living to the society. Bearing the burden of the family on their shoulders, rules of society in their minds and anti social elements in their hearts, women have been the key in relationships. 

  But the role of women in present day world is changing, in fact it is becoming thinner day by day!

   Tertullian, father of Latin Christianity, once mentioned to his female listeners “You are Devil’s gateway” to his female listeners. It is because women were considered to be the cause for ‘Original Sin’ which further persuaded the god to curse his own son ‘Adam’ and opened the gates of hell.

  But as I strongly believe, everything in the environment changes its nature depending on the perception. It is the Original Sin that further created our human race. So, by our perception, either by giving births or by the Original Sin, it is a woman, who is the creator of the human race. Women power has always been dominating, from persuading Adam to eat fruit from tree of knowledge to puppeting Mr. Singh in the seat of Prime Minister. But the problem is it (women power) is underrated.

  We can always make the list of men with clear conscience, and also for women. But in the case of women, it wouldn’t consume much of the ink. Men may feel proud of it, but at the same time, sacrifices and persuading situations are no less for women. Jhansi Laxmi Bhai, who’s considered to be most powerful queen did quit the war at the last moment and replaced her maid in her position. The brave final war, in which ‘she’ fought hundreds of soldiers while carrying her son, was actually fought by her maid!! But the forcing situations are still unknown, buried deeply in the hearts of Laxmi bhai.

  Actually I wanted to end up here by praising some final lines on women. But to bring the justification to the title, the following climax:
    Sita- is something more than a name of a woman. It is a symbol. Symbol of purity. She set an example of women power by rejecting the wish of Lord Rama, to come back to Ayodhya with him, the second time, and went away to her mother, the earth! Isf she would have obeyed Rama and returned to Ayodhya, it would have been a drastic let down to womanhood. By rejecting him, she showed the world that women can be patient, dutiful, but only until men doesn’t cross their limits of humiliation.

  Today, the famous politician from Italy, is driving the Prime Minister seat from behind the curtains! When she was protested against being a Prime Minister(as she’s a non-resedential), she didn’t look back. Instead, she stepped back, put her representative and carried on with her “Prime” work. And now she’s listed 7th in Forbe’s list of most powerful women!


   This work is dedicated to all the women, with great salutes and a small doubt:
“You women always say that men and women are equal and they have to be given equal rights. I applaud that thought. But then, why the hell did you appreciated the idea of ‘women reservation’ put forth by government? Why exclusive seats for women in buses? I never understand the logic behind this! ”