Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Birthday, My love

Dear Maya,
          You’re too far away from me to present you a birthday gift and too close to my heart to not present one. Result is this letter.
         “ A bit fluffy cheeks, two cute little starred eyes and a perfect face- that’s how you made a mark in my mind in the first sight I noticed you hard, probably when you’re 14. Amazed by your innocent appearance, I kept following you and my quest ended at sweet 16, when we were separated in the name of higher education. My heart almost created a blank space in it, which was filled by another beauty in the form of love. But I later found out that it was just a bridge which prevented my heart from collapsing completely before finding you. I almost forgot you in the midst of admissions, colleges, building careers etc. And right at that time, I don’t know from where, you overflew into my life once again. It was just like a dream. These social networking sites made our re-meet possible and in no time you became my best buddy, and then my addiction and finally, my love! But this time, beyond this love, there are no bridges, but only infinite emptiness. Please don’t leave me in that. I don’t want to lose you for a moment, in fact I don’t want to even forget you for a moment. It is your 18th birthday now and this is my gift. Its your choice to accept or reject it. Once you accept this, you’ve to keep it safe until your last birthday. And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
                                                                    Yours forever,

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