Monday, 30 January 2012


Before going into the list, the most important thing i wanna specify is that there may be many more better than these and it may be that complete list has gone wrong.. But this one's- MY WAY.

Here, importance is given not only to the destination, but also to the feel in the journey.

"Dont keep looking at the goal every other second, you may get deviated from the path you're travelling. Instead mark ur goal enjoy ur journey and feel the path ure travelling.You'll have lot more happy moments in the lyf...


For all those movie lovers, no need of any introduction for this one. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is not just a movie and anyone who watched it experiences the same. Thrill, humorous and every moment enjoyment made their journey watchable and overcoming one's fear, problems in a right way made it memorable. Donno about others, but for me, it was a magic.


The adventures done by Gulliver, A jonathan swift character, are unforgettable. It just drags you into the fantasy world and even for those who don't love fantasies, it provides a tickling humor and gripping narration. At the end, even if you don't wish to have such a journey, you'll at least wish watch Gulliver to start a new journey again !

There's very little that you envy about the shepherd boy in "The Alchemist", but you'll have a lot to learn. Back ground theme being the journey of a boy to the place he's never been before in the quest of a treasure, it just takes you to your soul and makes you purify it by yourself. Its mainly about the journey into your deeds and your heart.


This might be a surprise or rather a shocking inclusion for many of you as many don't understand where the journey is to ! "Your mind is the scene of the crime" and what Nolan(director) does is, to take you all to the scene of crime without moving from your places. IT IS THE JOURNEY INTO ONE'S SUB CONSCIOUS. And going through the four levels of your dream is just amazing. 

A 10 hour flight journey being the stage for four leveled dream sharing was an ultimate concept and inception if an idea was ultimate. The most thrilling journey one has ever experienced would be into his own mind!! Isn't it great?


I know this article was supposed to contain only fictious ones, but I couldn't stop myself from choosing this one as the best. Fictious or non- fictious, it is the best and always will be the best.
The most important and influencing journey in the indian history and probably the world's history is the famous Dandi march. It is often considered to be the major part of indian independence struggle.

Without bloodshed, without any weapons, Gandhi made the British flag come down. He did not ask any one to follow him or support him. Starting from their sabarmati ashram, with 78 satyagrahis on his side, Gandhi travelled 390 kms all the way to Dandi, a coastal village. At the end of the walk, there were more than 1 lakh followers, all uninvited, with him. 

This freedom movement, though done against the salt taxes, did shake the whole British govt. It is remembered by every one and will be remembered in the centuries that will pass.

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