Tuesday, 3 January 2012


First day:
ARYA: Oh god! Why did you even hide her from me all these years? Such a beauty!” These were my thoughts when I first saw her. She opened the door with a cute smile and the tiny dimples that appeared on her cheeks were enough to make my heart skip a beat. She was wearing a dark blue chudidaar and was just glowing in it. And the way her hair brushed my face when she turned around, magical! But I controlled my thoughts as soon as I remembered the actual reason that I was there- I went there as a company for my friend, Mahesh, who’s deeply in love with her. Of course one sided. What to do, Shit happens! I flipped. I was totally out of control. I, unintentionally kept staring at her and she intentionally kept ignoring me. ‘Cool, dude! All the girls act conservative in their first meeting. It happens in every movie.’ I thought feeling proud of the Bollywood heroes who face similar situation in every movie, but finally gets his girl. ‘So, how’s my girl?’ Mahesh asked me. ‘Okay types!’ I said, making sure that he did not see me grin.”

MAYA: “ Oh no, that idiot Mahesh had called me once again to tell the words that I hated the most ‘Guess what! I’m coming to your home now’ feeling that he had given me biggest surprise in the world! I just hate him and this time he’s bringing some stupid friend of his. But it indeed turned out to a big surprise. This friend of his had just swept me off my feet at the first look. I just got drowned in the depth of his shining eyes. I didn’t even notice that Mahesh was there. In fact, this is the first time I’m so happy even with Mahesh around me. ‘Arya’, he extended his hand. ‘Maya’ I said as he shook my shivering hands. I never felt the importance of my name before! May be my parents should have chosen a prettier name! All through the day he just kept staring at me and I was too shy even to look at his face. The humour and politeness in him were the stand outs. I was in love with him at the first meeting not because he is special, but because he made me feel special!”

Routine was the story thereafter, as you see in Hindi movies. Meeting leading to friendship, which lead to regular outings, and finally to love! Or wait! Why make it routine? Let’s add a little more drama.
Few months later:
{I always liked the way it appears onscreen in Hollywood movies “Few months later”}

I truly loved her. What exactly went wrong- I still couldn’t find out. It’s like a night mare. Why did she reject me? Was it the wrong proposal or wrong time of proposal? Or is it that she really doesn’t love me! After the rejection all that followed were the lonely nights I spent on my terrace. The virtual world I created imagining we are together was the only place I loved to stay. I just don’t know why god showed me the glimpse of paradise when he was never going to allow me into it! I decided not to disturb her again or anyone in future. That’s it, I deleted her from my account after three long days of just trying to click on the ‘remove friend’ button.

Can you believe it? He actually proposed me today! Wow, it was just an amazing feeling! But really, an idiot he was. Couldn’t he have done it directly rather that in phone? I casually rejected him, of course sounding a bit serious, controlling my giggles. I was hoping that he would propose me again, when we meet. So, I started ignoring all his phone calls and messages. But one day suddenly, I found out that he deleted me from the friends list! I was shocked. ‘May be he really doesn’t love me’ I falsely consoled my crying heart. No phone calls, no messages. I felt abandoned. I felt as if the beauty of my life, which was born few months ago, had started fading. And that’s it! I deleted him from the contacts after fighting with my heart over that for a while. All that happened in these days was like a beautiful dream. But after all, it’s a dream. Finally, I had to wake up.

That’s how it ended folks. As in many cases we see around us, here too there was one big super villain to love-‘misunderstanding’. Okay, if anyone is disappointed with the sad ending, just close your eyes and think of your favourite line “....and they lived happily ever after.”


  1. Lovely and well written. Awaiting more of these. Why dont you try writing longer ones?

  2. thnx ra... longer ones raayalante confidence kaavali.... :(