Thursday, 29 December 2011

Unforgetteble 5 of 2011

    Just a friendly reminder, it’s just my opinion, not a general view. This post is about the top 5 incidents happening in the year 2011 which I (probably many) can't forget (mostly written from the point of view of Indian youth). This year surely had been a host to lots of unforgettable moments. Some provided the entertainment, some made us proud and some made our eyes moist! Going through the top 5 of such moments....


    He has been a great entertainer of cricket all along his career and this time he slaughters West Indies bowling without mercy. He went on to score the highest individual score in the history of one day internationals... Gayle, sarcastically described it as the child abuse, stating the intensity of his innings. Definitely unforgettable!


       No surprises, it had been given the title "The Youth Anthem", more particularly called "The soup boys' anthem". It had gone viral and within no time there was the humming of kolaveri in air, all over the country. Pushing back all the other movies and albums, this went on to be the best entertainer of the year.



         After a long 28 year wait, the proudest moment in the Indian cricket history had arrived, "Lifting the world cup trophy". That moment was the show stealing one, but the moment in the picture was a heart stealing one. The master was carried on the shoulders of the players as a token of gratitude and love. In the words of kohl "He has been carrying the weight of the entire team for 22 years, now it is time that we carry him on ours." No one can forget these moments....


         Death of Steve jobs left the whole world in tears. “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me", says Steve. And he sure had gone to bed with that feeling innumerable times. He is a true fighter, he overcame his painful childhood to become one of the greatest inventor world had ever produced! A master of technology and highest level of genius he is. In this saddest incident of the year, had lost its founder and world had lost its shine! May his soul rest in peace!


     It’s the one man who united all the people of the country to fight for a cause, against corruption. Titled as the "second Gandhi", Anna Hazare showed the world that everything is next to the strong will and unity. He ignited the thought in every person's mind to be united and fight for a cause... It’s not only the revolution that Anna had provided, it’s the confidence and fire to fight against the wrong. In the days when people started thinking that Gandhian methods (Gandhigiri to be clear), are no longer applicable or practical in this modern world, Anna gave life to them. He, without any doubt is the inspiration for a lot of people, all over the world!