Tuesday, 14 February 2012


“Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting.”  Sylvester Stallone

13th feb; Time: Somewhere around 22.00:
….and there I was, sitting alone at the sea shore, thinking about what actually went wrong in our relationship. It’s not me, definitely not me, that ruined our love. But at the same time it wasn’t even her. Destiny it was. My mind was battling all these thoughts just as the sands, battling the waves. A gentle wave touched my feet and a lovely breeze embraced me, as the tears rolled down from my eyes got absorbed in the sands of the shore. How I wished for the miracle that absorbs my problems just like the sand. I know life’s not a magic. Feeling disappointed, I just started walking, dunno where. May be back to the home to start a new life or may be into the waters of the sea, to end this meaningless life. But I was unaware of the third path desired (designed) for me. What happened after that was a blur…

After some time:
I’ve found something miraculous (or is it the other way: miracle has found me? I’m not sure). Putting an end to my long walk, something hard hit my leg. It was a box locked down. I didn’t know how to open it and obviously I don’t have a key to something buried down in what seems like infinite sands. But I proceeded further to hold it and it shined, opened by itself and revealed a book, looking similar to the one’s we see in Harry potter’s movies. It taught me the first lesson. “We may or may not have the direct key to everything in life. But we can open the lock of every problem by a master key called belief that lies within our hearts.”
I’ve made the first important decision- I’ll not be taking the path that ends my life. But what should be my further proceedings? That still remains a question. If the book was revealed to me, it sure must be having something to say to me. What it is- I don’t know and only way to find out….is of course by opening it!

“Do once think of your tale,
A tale of love and a tale of loss.
Your heart is now in a Gale,
A Gale I for now, that you can’t pass…”
The book started like this and having a phobia for poetry from childhood, I didn’t exactly get to what it was saying. But involuntarily I started thinking about my tale- A tale of love and a tale of loss:

3 Hours earlier:
Last time we met, we had a small fight about me lying to her about my smoking habits. We both felt the distance growing between us, and hence decided to sort it out. As decided I was waiting at the beach restaurant and there she was- in a black sari, with a pinch of extra eyeliner which added to her beauty and made her look like angel down to earth. I don’t wanna lose her under any circumstances. But the distant hug that she gave me, hinted that our relationship is nearer to the end. She spoke,’Arya, this hurts me lots more that it does to you. But for the sake of our future, I think we should call it off. Its not about your habits, its about the thread of truth and you broke it off…..’ she kept speaking for an hour more but tears in my eyes stopped my ears from hearing anything more.

As tears once again invaded my eyes, I felt a rose petal wiping off a tear and in no time they grew in number (both tears and petals) and I was in the whirl of petals. I was unconscious for some time and when I opened my eyes I saw the most heart breaking site ever-

I was amidst huge crowd who definitely didn’t belong to our time and they were just watching as a man, whose appearance is like the human form of love… is being hanged. He refused to wear cover to his face and was smiling- from his heart. When I asked the fellow person about the reason of the death sentence, he didn’t even respond. When I tried to touch him, my hand passed through his body and that’s it. I was shocked. I was spirited away to a different place and different time. So, is it that I walked into the sea and ended my life? I really don’t care now. All I care now, is about this man, who is going to be hanged within few minutes and there came an announcement:
“This prisoner is imprisoned due to the illegal activities of performing secret marriages in churches. He is sentenced to death for having performed black magic on the Jailer’s daughter…. So any last wishes?”
He looked at me smiling and I heard whispers “Please give it to the Jailer’s daughter. You’ll recognise her, she being the only angel among these people with dark hearts.” And there came a feather flying right into my hands. Why does he want to give something to the person he had performed black magic on? Is this another trick? Well, to find out I went searching for her and without my knowing, I went to her chamber and placed the feather on the table by her side. She was sleeping. As soon as she opened her eyes, she started screaming “I can see everything, I’m not blind anymore” and that feather flew into her lap. As she touched it, words started appearing on it “From your Valentine”.
Oh my god! It was saint Valentine, who was being hanged! He didn’t perform any black magic on her, but helped her to get back her eyes! I ran off to the centre to stop the hanging but was just helpless. No one were able to even hear or see me. He was hanged and all the flowers of the country faded off paying tribute to the love. I didn’t understand why the book brought me back to the centuries, if I was helpless in saving the burial of love? He was a great man, loving someone truly. He added colours to her life! But me? I was a liar and a loser. I made her cry, I made her sad. What was the purpose of this journey in time? Before I can get any answers light started to shine too brightly and with a huge breath, I opened my eyes.

14th feb: time- 08.00:
What a dream it was! Made me think of it again and again. What if I have nothing common with me great man! I have a quality which is no different from his- LOVE. My love for Maya is no less than his love for his girl. If he can sacrifice his life for her happiness, can’t I sacrifice my ego, lying nature and whatever she wants, for her love? I can and I will. Its just a matter of making her believe me once again. Its about expressing right.
So, on this Valentine’s day, I set out to get back my love. But this time, I’m more confident, patient and mainly…. Full of love. I’m going to be her Valentine!

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