Friday, 25 November 2011

SOUP BOYS (why this kolaveri di)

As always, we (praneeth, yeshu and me) made our way somehow to the terrace of our hostel to celebrate the end of exams by enjoying the delicious paranthas (of course not from mess) and coke tins. Oh wait. Pranee has upgraded from coke to vodka and we know the hell that is going to happen when he does this every time. We are so habituated with his irritating heart breaks. But we had no choice, neither do you, other than listening to his silly love story.

After a shot of vodka, he started humming the latest sensational flick “why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di. ” and dancing to it, forgetting the fact that he is one of the worst dancers ever.

After three shots, he said ”Dude, this time I loved that girl sincerely ” as he says awlays, “her name is Maddy, I loved her madly, but she left me sadly” he said feeling that he had just said a beautiful line from Shakespear’s.

But after the fifth shot, it became worse, he started to narrate from beginning. But before that, it had to start with the sentence, “Dude, don’t even think that I am high! No, I am not. I know what I am talking!”
“Actually, we met in fb, our friendship gradually grew into love and finally, one day, when we met personally, we broke up.”

That’s it. With the completion of this epic love story, Yeshu went to the highest stage of frustration and shouted “You moron, what the fuck is this? Does this make any sense?” and went off.

That’s it. Because of the words of Yeshu, he completed the whole bottle. A boy who broke up is the most dangerous thing in the world, especially if he just had a whole bottle of vodka. And result action was on me!

Next morning, Yeshu woke up shocked, to see me with band aids all over the face and wounds all over my body. It pained even more when that idiot Praneeth asked me “Dude, what happened to your face?” “Shit happened you rascal” I wanted to shout but a solid blow from him, on the mouth caused too much pain to open. “I thought of introducing you to Sammy, my girl friend. But with these bruises it would be awful. You stay, I’ll go with Yeshu” praneeth said and left.

Oh god! Not again. When he finds a girl, Yeshu is the lucky bastard who gets treats and meetings with her friends. But at break ups? Well, you know what happens! Pch… I laid down on bed and turned on fm and it too teased me “Why this kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di.”