Sunday, 13 November 2011


Dream- a wonderful world...

You might be trying to solve problem for days, and then you suddenly see an old man walking to you looking alike Dumbledore and working out the solution. Or you might be wearing your favourite Armani suit getting down from your personal chopper in Bond style. All that you want in real world may be opening in front of you in a magical world called DREAM. Those who have watched Inception might be familiar with the depth of the dream world.

The wonderful feeling of experiencing an infinite loop, sometimes send sharp pulses down your spine. For example if you did see a road accident, then you may experience a dream in which you save a person, then he dies, again you save him ….. And this routine continues which results in you, sudden waking up and not knowing whether you were dreaming or not! There are incidents in which people went into state of mental depletion due to such vivid dreams. The most amazing fact of dreams is to bring different parts of a puzzle to complete it!! Puzzled? In a dream what actually happens is your sub conscious puts together all the minutely related things which were part of your day to form an unbelievably beautiful play which casts you mostly in a dangerously interesting role. In this astonishing play is sometimes influenced by external stimuli. As in the most familiar situation of ringing of your alarm. You may experience it as walking through Buckingham palace amidst the royal orchestra.

All the faces in your dreams are the ones you might have crossed over in real life. The minster of your kingdom may be the guy who served you delicious pizza that afternoon or your lovely princess might be the girl who won miss freshers at your college! There is no way that your mind creates a new character out of nowhere. Dreams are not what they are about. For instance if you have teeth falling dream, it doesn’t mean you are concerned with the condition of your teeth. It implies your care towards your beauty! Thus dream interpretation became a truly interesting topic. Not as deep as in the case of the shepherd boy in ‘THE ALCHEMIST’, but interpretation of the dreams may lead to treasure, the treasure here being our true nature.

Coming to the most interesting thing- Is dream sharing possible? I’m afraid it’s not. Dream sharing, which is an amazing concept put forth by visionary director Chris Nolan, is about more than one person sharing a single dream and exchanging their ideas via dream. And Nolan didn’t just put forth the idea right out from the air. He created a virtual sci-fi world. The PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin Intravenous) device is a movie prop that drives Inception’s story. Lithium-iodide batteries provide this device up to 200 hours of power. A "LED display with atomized timer" provides the operator with continuous system updates. Numerous IV lines allow multiple users to essentially network their respective dream states, with one person acting as a conduit for everyone to hallucinate around. But this involves injection of fluids which carry dreams of one person and hallucinating others which seem highly impractical in present day. However, the future that allows people to have some control over their dreams and sharing them is interesting! Isn’t it? The PASIV is a concept that can potentially inspire researchers and inventors to produce real-world technology that lives up to the fiction, literally opening up possibilities limited only by our imagination. So there’s an interesting sleepy future out there for us!!

That’s the conclusion and here is an interesting one line fact for you:
“If you are snoring, then you are not dreaming”.


  1. Dream defined : your sub conscious puts together all the minutely related things
    which were part of your day to form an unbelievably beautiful play

    If dreams can be studied, the world has to face its third world war.

    Excellent study. Good write. Check the grammar.

  2. Do you feel that dreams are organised to this level?

  3. Beautiful description on Dream..even though I saw Inception I did understood the dream sharing portion. However, I do not know if I completely agree with you that the characters in the dream are the ones already encountered. I snore :-) for most of the time, so I dream much. But rarely I do Dream and unfortunately most of the times I forget that dream by the time wake up in the morning.

    I liked the topic (your pinni's favourite too) and impressed with your sentences. Good work keep it up.

  4. @sharath: thanks bhabhai.. characters in dream are previously encountered , thats for sure, but we may have not noticed them.. scientifically proven.. thnx so much 4 ur feedback.

  5. @srivatsa yrk: thnx fir ur suggestions dude, so helpful as always

  6. @yrk: i feel that they can be organised to that level in future