Friday, 18 November 2011


NARRATOR: A person with a sinless mind.

Just three bullets is what all it took! Pressing the trigger three times with revolver at point blank range, gave me a place of hatred in the hearts of people. I felt so bad for one thing- that the political trickster got loved more and more after the incident. I was the one who fought for eradication of untouchability, caste system and differences between the religions. I used to dine with the labour daily to show people that we all are equal. But today, I’m being hated for the single reason that I’ve ended the national threat which is in the form of national hero. I can’t take this anymore. Today I’m going to use the fourth bullet, but on myself. Who knows this might convert my status to a coward from a notorious assassin. So, this suicide (confession) note is for you, just to know the truth behind my deeds:

That day was like just any other, my enemy coming out for evening prayers, and a huge crowd gathering to see their idol. I just got stunned by the amount of love they were showing towards him. For a moment, I even felt that I was going to do a big mistake. There came the man with his trademark khaddar clothes and watch hanging out from his dhoti, with a pair of simple glasses over his eyes and smile of million thoughts on his lips. It was as if I too was standing there mesmerized. I started running towards him, pushing aside those who come in my way.

“If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on in his own way”. That’s too much of acceptance. And there goes my FIRST BULLET.

“He began to hold his prayer meetings in a Hindu temple in Bhangi Colony and persisted in reading passages from Quoran as a part of the prayer in that Hindu temple in spite of the protest of the Hindu worshippers there. Of course he dared not read the Geeta in a mosque in the teeth of Muslim opposition. He knew what a terrible Muslim reaction would have been if he had done so. But he could safely trample over the feelings of the tolerant Hindu. To belie this belief I was determined to prove to him that the Hindu too could be intolerant when his honour was insulted”, it resulted in THE SECOND BULLET.

“The blackmailing tactic of him, fasting to death is even hated by our freedom fighters like the Prime Minister. Almost everything in India is done with his consent. If it does not, then comes the black mailing fast onto the screen. It was enough. India should be free from all kinds of impure leaders” and bang, IT’S THE FINAL BULLET. It resulted in a faint ‘famous two words’ from the great politician. 

I even, did not try to run away from that place knowing that crowd would stab me to death. I felt happy. The sun has set indicating the end of false light and giving the hope that it would return with a true shine. Had this act not been done by me, of course it would have been better for me. But circumstances were beyond my control. So strong was the impulse of my mind that I felt that this man should not be allowed to meet a natural death so that the world may know that he had to pay the penalty of his life for his unjust, anti-national and dangerous favoritism towards a fanatical section of the country. I decided to put an end to this matter and to the further massacre of lacs of Hindus for no fault of theirs. May God now pardon him for his egoistic nature which proved to be too disastrous for the beloved sons of this Holy Land. 

Ending my life with a final hope that people in our country get to their senses about the false leaders they are getting ruled by. 


  1. justifying the greatest assination,least i should not have read it

  2. if my view is wrong,i cant help because i could not read completely

  3. calling a person antinational without completely knowing him........???

  4. It resulted in a faint ‘hey ram’ from the great politician.
    Dare not use the word "politician" against him.

    I’ve ended the national threat.
    Had he been the threat to a nation, the nation would never have regretted his death to now.

    The blackmailing tactic of him, fasting to death is even hated by our freedom fighters.
    Can you please do quote the instances?

  5. refer to nathuram godse in wikipedia

  6. and its just ignorance that you just support him blindly ... take the example of puttaparthi sai baba, every one loved him and believed him, but only those who are too close to him knows the truth about him and thats because they watched him closely.... nathuram was a huge follower and believer of gandhi...

  7. Comparision of puttaparthi and gandhi shall never be ajudged.

  8. Please do read thepage of Bhagat singh before it.
    And it has always been a matter conspired in this case.

  9. did u see rang de???? It reminds me of this case...

  10. In the movie Rang de Basanti: Everyone blames the aamir and gang for killing such a "great" leader. Thats because politicians are masters of disguise