Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The First Anniversary

A girl's perspective! 

“I love you to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
“Faith makes all things possible, love makes them easy”
These are the three best quotes I have come over in my life which sounded grave before I met him but are seeming soulful at present, after the one year of our immortal relationship.

3…2…1… and there is it. One of the beautiful and memorable day of my life has just unfolded itself in front of me. My phone has hardly even rung once before I lifted and blabbered something out of excitement. “Happy anniversary” are the words I expected from him at the first. But a tear rolled down my cheek when he said “I love you.” It was the tear of joy, which became a regular part of my daily life from the moment he entered into my life. “Me too” I replied with a choking voice. All I wanted to do on the occasion of our love anniversary is to hear unlimited times that he loves me, although that has become an axiom for me.

Our countdown started for the day of our anniversary. Oh my god! It has been just 11 months that he had entered my life! But it seems like I had him in my life all through these 19 years. This was probably because it was he, who made my life meaningful and made me feel that my life is worth living. All the people out there may treat this as foolishness- waiting for anniversary, that too a love anniversary. But its not about celebrating the one year of his entering into my life. Its about celebrating one year of love he has given me, one year of care he has taken me of and mainly it’s the celebration of one year of life we had lived with our hearts exchanged to each other. 

People say time flies! But at this moment, ask me I’ll say “time is static” . It was not the first wish of the day but definitely it was the best of my life. He called me up at 12.05 after being warned several times by customer care that the user is busy at the moment. And he said these words which I probably won’t forget even in my last moments of my life, “Sandy, Happy Birthday. I love you and will be loving you until you celebrate your last birthday. And I’ll never let anything to hurt you. Just be with me all through my life no matter of the circumstances.”  It was these words which made my birthday special besides the cute teddy and doll which he gifted me. Teddy, representing him and doll is like our baby! Sooo cute. 

This was the day he proposed me, rather I would say it was the moment he lead me into his world and became a part of my world. I went running to the terrace as soon as my phone showed his name blinking on its screen. “I’ll be with you for ever and ever. I love you and ……….. I don’t know what to talk. I just love you...” he said . Idiot, he is. I know this moment was coming but wasn’t expecting such a stupid proposal!!! But he continued, ”this might be stupidest proposal ever but it is you who is making me blabber and when I talk with you, I run out of my words. You just swept me off my feet.”  Although I was expecting this, it felt different, I felt that my world had brightened up and my heart just skipped a beat. “Me too” I replied instantaneously. I don’t know the reason of this instinct. But it is that “There will be one moment in everyone’s life. That moment seems to be more valuable than the entire life. And the person who gives you that moment is your soul mate. For me- This is the moment and he’s the one.”  I hope this moment stays me for ever.

All these days, I have observed one thing. His love for me is not the same, but has been increasing with every second of life lived. No words to describe this moment of love and just feel the silence. The speciality of this day is not that we did something more romantic or more different. It was just like any other day, the love, the care- just amazing. But what’s special is that this day represents the completion of one year of our lovely lives.
 Thanks for being a part of me and making me feel on the top of the world”. 



  1. oh my vikki.... keka ra... At last, you wrote something you should. I was expecting this stuff from you. Pretty good, excellent. Words chaalatle... Improved a lot and yup, well done :)

  2. thnx ra, urs and avinash's compliments or feed backs are what i was waiting for... thnq

  3. dude awesome.But is it real story or a fiction.because i stopped believing in this.Hope that its reality some day.Anyways very good with ur vocabulary,improved.get going man..:P

  4. really super ra ,narration chala bagundi,nee last post lo kuda narration of the story chala bagundi

  5. thanq friends, @bhargav : ofcourse its a fiction.. but i hope it would be coinciding with the mindset of lots of girls