Thursday, 13 June 2013


“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it”

~John Steinbeck

February 20th, 2012:

  “We’re already two minutes par our planned start time and you guys are still not ready?!” exclaimed Mr. Perfect Avinash. There’s always one person in the gang who makes sure that we don’t miss out on the schedule and the timing for fun. In fact, the date for the outing, timings and everything was decided by him. Trip was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday because we didn’t want to miss the only non-veg dinner day in our pathetic mess. End of the mid-sems, start of the spring and a preplanned week of GT! What can be a better time for the trip than this! Some agreed for this reason, some agreed because they ran out of profile pictures for their FB accounts and need a good one and some agreed for the sole reason of racing their bikes away on the highway! So it’s going to be a nice, crazy and unforgettable bike trip for sure!

After half an hour:

The disfigured roads of Bhopal made sure that we did not enjoy the ride at all. Almost everyone in India is a huge fan of cricket and hence road contractors too, follow the method of preparing a cricket for the test matches. First two days, it is a paradise for the fast bowlers (bike riders) and from the third day, pitch starts showing up the cracks and becomes a hell. And yeah, even a slight drizzle may abandon the match (journey)! Being a pillion, if I was experiencing such a hell, imagine the position of the riders. After a tedious journey of 30 kms, our bikes were as excited as us, on seeing a beautiful, endless road diversion to Mahadevpani which was then about 5 kms from that point. As a routine, a race started out between our 5 bikes. I always enjoy being a pillion and our bike was going to be first in race for sure, ahead of others by quite a distance and that was predictable as Ravi was driving it! That was the moment I saw her, from over 300 meters, coming in the direction opposite to us. The beauty of the road blended with the endless greenery faded away and they were nothing more than the shades of grey when compared to her. May be she belonged to the “archi” group who picnicked in the morning and returning back to hostels. The way her hair flowed and the way her pink helmet and white chudidhaar blended into her angelic look just swept me off my feet (or may be swept me off the bike). Her lips folded as if she was upset and made small, cute dimples on her cheek and my heart skipped a beat! Isn’t it amazing how a boy can almost scan the girl and also describe her, just within the seconds! “To hell with the race man! Ravi, just slow down” I shouted and he wasn’t listening. Without thinking, I pressed the disc brake and that was it! Our bike skidded and straight away bashed into her scooty pep.

Date: Not sure,
Place: Hospital, where else!
As I opened my eyes slowly I saw her half awake, to the right of my bed and Ravi deep in sleep (or may be sedated) to the left of my bed! I turned to her and asked “How’s your scooty? Hope it didn’t get damaged much!” and she gave me a stern look, graver than the look Batman gives in the cartoons! I wouldn’t forget that day and the look, ever!


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