Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Reunion: Flow Of Love

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

20th December, 2025

I tried my best to invite the last person of our gang over the phone. But all I could get was, “Man, is it really necessary to be there in person? Can’t we all just hangout in Skype, like always?” Prakash said. No doubt he was a busy guy. Why wouldn’t he be busy! Battlefield7 was released the day before!
“Haven’t changed a bit, have you? Lazy ass, as always! But pack your bags because this time, Arya’s coming to the reunion.”
That last sentence was enough to persuade him to come to the college. Some people come into our life like a gentle breeze in the spring. Whatever the mood may be, their presence makes our day beautiful. But a very few enter our lives like a tornado, they shatter everything, show us the extreme nature of life and when they leave, we are left with the feeling, “Dude, That was one hell of an adventure.” Arya was that tornado in our lives.

27th April, 2012,

MANIT, Bhopal. 

It was the day when we saw Avengers and decided that our gang would be called as “The Mech Avengers” from then on. After a long quarrel and a match of arm wrestling, I got to be the Iron Man. Being a mechie gang, we had no Black Widow. Our first two years were a roller coaster ride with the impeccable teamwork. May it be the new copying techniques in the exam room or making a GT successful or breaking down every bit of the furniture in mess, we were perfect. But from the third year, it wasn’t the same. As we grew up, we also grew apart. Life happened!

Lets ride through the reunion; 31st December, 2025:
I’ve reached the place of reunion. My AR-15 made sure that I did not forget to buy gifts for everyone and a gas mask too, as Bhopal is not among the “30 cities where you may breathe” list. I prefer to call my robot ‘Jarvis’, but that name was not allowed as millions of people applied for the same name!

  Captain and Thor were already there (it seemed a little awkward to still call them with those names). They brought their families with them too. We met twice or thrice before this but this time it’s going to be special! Arya is going to join us! Though we were out of contact for more than 10 years, he never really was out of our hearts. We started discussing about our good old times.

Once again irritating you with a small memory; August, 2014:
Right from the starting of the third year, we started sensing that something was wrong with Arya. Summer vacations changed him completely. He used to skip our tequila nights, just to talk to some girl. But one good thing was that he became a confident person, unlike before. He moved away from our block into a more isolated one. We all hated the girl for snatching away our best friend from us. We wanted him back badly, but that didn’t happen for 10 years, at least.

Back to our reunion scene:
“Hey guys” greeted a woman, whom we’ve never met before. Her smile sent down a instant pulse down my heart and her bangs made her face resemble a modern angel. A small mole just below her lips, just intensified her flood of beauty. I felt that she may be the reason for which I was left alone in this huge world. She may complete my life. I felt lucky that I was the only single member there in the gang. Otherwise, I would’ve had to face a severe competition, by the end of which we would have disgusted the woman with our trials.

“Ananya” she introduced herself by extending her hand. “Arya must have told you about me” she continued.

That’s it! That was enough for us to recall who she was! No one cared to show the courtesy of shaking her hands then. She was the woman who was the reason for this 10 year long wait. There were many situations in my life where my heart contradicted with my mind but for the first time, half a part of my heart was contradicting with the other half. I didn’t know what to do.

I examined the surroundings. Only question was in everyone’s mind, “Where’s Arya?”

                                                                    To be continued...

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