Sunday, 3 February 2013


  Suddenly, the entire area turned out bright! It seemed that a fairy had come to her aid. She fainted away. As she woke up, what she saw was all peace and hope. She observed that she opened her eyes to see the golden fish wagging its tail in the aquarium, as she does daily. As she went outside, she saw a huge amount of crowd gathered  at her place, behind a group of media(you can say group of hyenas), who were asking questions that would definitely boost up their TRPs, but got a powerful silence in reply.


            Breaking the shackles of home driven rules and traditions, she entered into the care-free hostel life. Fun filled and freedom driven; as it was; turned her into a bird, letting her to fly freely, above the deep seas, below the blue skies, into the green woods and beneath the horizon! But there was a ‘web’, (un)intentionally webbed by a bunch of passion filled members, which are trapping hundreds of birds, who keep waiting for rescuers, in vain!
            Facebook, as they call it, had changed the face of networking, along with relations, ethics and values. Westernization, as they feel it, has fast forwarded the lifestyle for sure, but at the same time, rewinded the life values. She became the slave of all these, in the pursuit of ‘freedom’. But all these are just the sub- causes. Retardation in the thoughts of male dominated society(as they say it) has been the root cause of a brutal crime called “Rape”, which has become the “night shadow” of the metropolis. But a point to be noted is that, if there is darkness, there would at least be a ray of light which splits it. What is that ray which saved her that night?


       Amidst the huge rallies of Delhi, against the government, against the 16.12 rape case, night couldn’t reach those streets, filled with the fire of thousands of supporters. But shockingly, rape cases haven’t experienced a downfall. Instead, brutality in the cases increased! Torture and murder ratio of rape victims increased drastically.

      She had attended the party, as a weekend routine. Her gang of friends is quite a mixed dish.  Some of them were her hostel mates and most of them, BFFs whom she met over fb hangouts. They tried to play a prank on her by drugging the drinks and she was out of control soon. And her so responsible friends(“yaars” as she always called them), left her in a taxi, in unconscious state with another drunk friend and paid it to leave her in the hostel. What happened after that was a black out, until she opened her eyes to unsubsidable pain. A gang of people were trying to rape her and her drunk friend was lying dead beside her. As any other woman in that situation would do, she was trying to resist and shouting for help. And then, suddenly entire area turned bright……….


         Why would a fairy come to her aid? Or may she hallucinated a mortal to a fairy, as for the situation. So, who was that fairy? Could it be our judiciary system? No way! Could it be the police? Not a chance! So, may be it was common man. Any common man who have the heart to help. But how could that be! Common man reacts to problems, only in rallies and revolutions, not at the time of the need. So, aren’t there any ‘fairies’ left, who come to the girls’ aid in real life? There is one! It’s called “one’s self” or one’s own SHADOW. Not the outer one which would be with you in the light, but the inner one which comes out in the times when your actual personality goes into the darkness.

    What actually happened was that due to her extreme situation, her mind went into another level and experienced a shadow personality which enhanced her long forgotten combat skills. A normal girl, who wouldn’t hurt a fly ahd split up the throats of three members and cut off the genitals of her drunk friend’s who tried to take advantage of her in the first place which lead to all the consequences.

  Legitimate violence can only be that which is used in self-defense.
  ~Ron Paul.

Self-defense is the nature’s oldest law.
  ~ John Dryden.

The proper course of action, when under attack, is usually to counter- attack.
   ~ Jeff Copper.

I don’t even call it violence when it is in self defense. I call it intelligence.
  ~Malcom X.

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