Sunday, 27 January 2013

Frienship forever!

                                                               Place: ???
                                                               Time: !!!
Dear Maya, 

  Its not rare, for two people, who haven’t even spoke to each other in their entire school life, to be flooded with the drops of friendship in their lives, especially in the times when social networking is enrooted deep into the lives of a  person! But this was different. You have defined many moments, answered many questions and filled many voids in my life!

  Can a boy and a girl be friends, true from their hearts, for their entire life? “We” are the answer to this. Relationships, break ups; love and hatred; Egos and misunderstandings; these have no place in our lives, thanks to the “friendship” which left no space for anything else.

  Our first meeting(read chat)- I don’t remember, and may be neither do you! But neither will you get to remember the last one- because there would be no such thing as “last” in our friendship.

To describe our friendship- its lot easy. But when I placed my hands on the keyboard, about to type your description, it became more difficult! Poets and writers have used almost every single object to describe a woman, but just in the view of a love or a mother! What to compare a such an important person in my life with!! I just closed my eyes and all I could see was darkness. That’s it! You are nothing but the dark! That’s because how much ever may the light pierce through the darkness, spreading all over the body, some part of darkness always prevails, on one part or the other! May be I never wanted a friend like you to leave my life!

  If priorities in a relation of life are measured by the amount of secrets shared and moments known, of one another, I just realised that a friend is the most important person in one’s life and you are definitely near the top of the heap!

Wishing you a Very very Happy Birthday!!

                                                           Yours lovingly,