Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
   ~ Leonardo da Vinci

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”
   ~Leo Tolstoy

“Cant compare myself to the great Rajini sir!”
   ~Shahrukh Khan.

 Yet one may ask; take out the film industry from his life and who is he? Well, he has been everything, right from a bus conductor to a philanthropist, a guide, a billionaire, a brand and the unofficial “God” of South India. A question arises immediately. “Why Rajini?” Answer is “Self- Discipline”. No doubt his name was listed in the MTV’s “Top 10 simplest celebrities”. Generally, when you go to a film shooting, you can easily spot out the location of the lead actor, by seeing the facilities he use. But Rajini sir never does that. Sometimes you may even find him amongst the group of workers, chatting and cracking jokes with them!

“Mystery solved: The missing piece of apple’s logo is eaten by Rajinikanth!”
We crack hundreds of jokes like this and appreciate their sense of humour. But how many of us know that the name “Rajinikanth” is a huge brand, even in countries like Japan and Thailand. Well, that’s true! After the release of his 1995 movie “Muthu”, Rajini’s fan base in Japan raised like a wave of Tsunami. Gradually, he occupied no.1 place in Japan, pushing back none other than Leonardo De Caprio! His brand was injected to such an extent that it became a common thing that toys and chocolate wrappers had his name written over them.

   Today, “Padma Bhushan” Rajini kanth is a superstar. But he still follow the rules of a simple and disciplined life which he did lead when he was a bus conductor in Bangalore Transport Service.

 Some facts about the great:

  • During a visit to Japan in 2006, Mr. Manmohan Singh mentioned the success of the movie “Muthu” in Japan, justifying the positive relationship between the two nations.

  • “Sivaji: The Boss” was one of the biggest releases for an Indian film worldwide and entered the top 10 films list of UK, upon release!

  • “Robot” is still the highest grossing Indian movie, collecting over 375 crores and the most expensive Indian movie with a budget of 139 crores.

  • “Robot” movie was added  to the case study syllabus of IIM-A in December 2010, along wih “Muthu”.

  • “IIM Calcutta” stated that Rajini is the only superstar in Indian film industry.

  • With a whooping 26 crores, Rajini became the second highest paid actor in Asia, next to Jackie Chan.

  •  Named as ”most influential Indian of the year 2010” by Forbes.

List goes on and on….

All the best to Rajni sir for his next film “Kochadian” which include the team and technology  worked for films “Avatar” and “Tintin”.

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