Saturday, 10 November 2012

Life... Answer it!

“Run! Run fast! What if you’re missing something out? What is we miss out what’s here because we are running? Do we have to fight for what we deserve? Or do we wait? For a span of time long enough to break us down. Should we expect or should we accept? Or just make things work on our own? What’s the algorithm?”

These are the questions which everyone’s hearts keep asking them! Or everyone keep asking their hearts! But only few get the answer. Rest of them are just pessimists, who hate the way life treated them. A teacher, author tries to explain this to us through depicting the way she lived her life. Her story, in her words-

   ‘Before I received “Presidential Medal Of Freedom” award in 1964, I suffered a series of strokes, back in 1961, when the gates of life have almost closed! My will power and desire to live are what saved me. “Desire of life”!! Many think of it as a negative quality, but that is what induces the spirit in us and helps us in fighting the worst enemy of us- Death!

  This fact seems a bit irrelevant, but it is me who introduced the “akita” dog to whole of the America!

  I have a total of 12 books published books and innumerous articles published under my name. When I wrote my first book, at the age of 11, world opposed me, making the charges of plagiarism on me! I was broke completely. How could they blame me! The only source of my writings was my heart. And they say my heart is a cheat! That was the first time I felt the voids in my life. But to fill the voids, I felt that avoiding them was the best way instead of fighting back. I did that and continued with my works which are still considered to be the finest amongst its category! That day I found out that “When the world starts criticizing you, it means that you have the ingredients with you, to reach the top of the world!

  Admired by the Mark Twain, today, I stand as one of the world’s best speaker and author. By the way, my name is Helen Keller. When the world left me alone to rot, considering me nothing more than just blind and deaf, Anne Sullivan worked miracles on me to shape this rock into a beautiful statue! Every person’s life has one such teacher! Some are in the form of humans, some are in the form of experiences and some are in the form of thoughts, which are buried deep down your heart! When you meet them, you’ll get answers to all the above questions!”

“Should I live each moment? Don’t just live! Cherish them, learn from them. Be strong. Keep your head high! Move at your own pace. Everyone’s life, however trouble-studded it may be, is a unique design in itself. Just make sure that you try hard.

  Life is a question mark, than a full stop. You don’t end it; it ends only once. But you answer it! Freely! Independently! And that’s how we grow”


Quotes by Sanjana Wadhwa
Info from Wikipedia

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