Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Unparalleled love

It was raining in the
middle of nowhere! At the strike of spring, that’s the last thing we do expect! Nescafe stall was empty, and that’s another shocker! I ordered my favorite hot chocolate and as I was walking away, sipping onto it, someone accidentally dashed into me and had given my mom a good reason to scold me entire night, by spilling the chocolate all over my white shirt! She too strained her leg and had bent down to massage her ankle. Her face was hidden behind the gorgeous hair which was like a part of the beautiful night! The moment she adjusted her hair, was the moment when my heart skipped a beat! Oh my god, She is perfect! I was so lost in the lining of kohl on her eyes that I did not notice the rain, which started o pour down gently. She became tensed seeing the condition of my shirt. While a “sorry” escaped her lips, a tear was struggling to escape her beautiful eyes and to flow on her utmost perfect cheeks! I was stuck between two most dangerous things in the world: Mom’s favorite shirt and girl’s moist eyes. “That's okay!” I said, declaring her eyes the winner! That is the moment when I decided to keep her happy for the entire life and never let a tear spoil the beauty of her kohl linings! 
Foolish, isn’t it?? Love at first sight, a bullshit!?? But what if there is more to it, just than infatuation? What if it’s not really the “first meeting” of ours? What if we have already met in the future?? Oh wait! Met in the future?? Is that supposed to a grammar mistake? Or is there something special attached to it? 
Remember the concept of “Parallel Worlds”? One of the theory is that there exists infinite Universes in parallel, which are more or less the same, with incidents happening similarly in all the Universes alike, just with a difference of time span! 
So according to that, may be we had been already married in the future Universe and that effect somehow formed a loop which sprouted love in our hearts? May be we already have had our first kiss, made our first love! May be we already have children whom we love as much as we love each other! May be we had already entered an early old stage together and are left with each other, with our children going away in the pursuit of luxurious life overseas! May be we already have had left our last breaths, in each other’s arms! May be all these memories are spread out in the universe, taking various forms, storming as the clouds and falling on us as a drop of rain or hugging us like a breeze of cold air! May be all these meetings have lead into a beautiful scene which encountered our lives into what’s called as “Love at first sight”! That day, in that eternal rain I discovered my first love.  


  1. Man, U rocked it. U steal the show. What a beautiful description of the life. And a true meaning implying love. You are gifted to write love. :)

  2. :) really glad you liked it!! thnQ <3

  3. very optimistic way of thinking.:)really liked the article