Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tale of a Fairy

Do fairy tales exist? I am pretty sure the answer is no. Nothing in our life is a fairy tale, especially the magical twists and sought out love in fairy tales are so unreal. But I know a tale, which is no fairy tale, but has a fairy in it. I am going to narrate it, just sit back and witness the magic of a fairy. It is the tale of an angel whom billions love and admire. An angel who started as the princess of dance, grown into the queen of the expressions and retired to settle down as the emperor of the hearts. Many mastered the art of Kathak before, but she reinvented it, mixed it with the unmatchable beauty of hers, added an extra fineness with her graceful expressions and ruled it. If the record of highest number of filmfare nominations and honour of Padmashree were one side of her glory, her kind heart and altruistic Philanthrophism are in the unseen side of her beauty. It becomes very difficult for a person to decide whether her dance is her biggest asset or her eyes. When she dances, everyone around her just seems to be halted for a moment to engross themselves in her dance and everything around her turns itself towards her so as not to miss the chance and there would be one wish crossing every person’s mind, to see her dance forever and ever. She has so much ease and flow in her steps that it seems as if music is being played on her steps, not the other way around. While in her early days, she grabbed everyone’s attention with the oozing sensuality in her dance, her later days showed the complete portrayal of her charm blended with the free flow, along with not losing her trademark sensuality. And of course, it’s just impossible to describe her eyes. Such elegance was never before seen and was never before captured on screen. Where it becomes very difficult for actresses to portray some expressions on their faces, in front of camera, she does it only with her eyes with ease. May it be the ruthless anger or delightful contentment, there was (is) no other actress who could beat her (at least beat her eyes). The way she smiles with her eyes makes one fall in love with her instantaneously. The only thing we can pardon for coming in the way of her eyes is her cascading hair. It just flows as if it longs to touch her. Coming to her smile, it’s eternal. It makes a guy’s heart skip a beat, literally. Best thing about her is that her eminence did not let her ignore the realities of the world. It’s easy for anyone to sacrifice their careers for their children when they are not in much demand. But she sacrificed it right when she was at the peak stage of her career with a timeless classic Devdas. She took leave from movies to take care of her children. To our pleasant surprise, she came back and that too with a bang in Aaja Nachle. I really don’t know how this film progressed, but it was just pleasing to see her dance, dance and dance. We may not see her much, unlike the golden 80’s and 90’s but no one can replace this sovereign of beauty and the crown’s always hers. This folks, is a short story of an angel who breathed life into the expressions. We all know who she is and if you don’t, it's none other than  our beloved  Madhuri Dixit.

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