Thursday, 5 December 2013


It was around the time of my 19th birthday that I started blogging and the incidents that have inspired me and lead me to take this step were quite interesting. Quite some time ago, I had written a story describing the mind-set of a person whose thoughts oscillate between the love of a girl and his parents’. I saved it somewhere in a pen drive and forgot about it. When a friend of mine, Laharish, borrowed it from me, he and another friend, Uday have read it and asked me from who wrote it. When I replied that I wrote it, they were surprised and encouraged me to continue writing as they found it to be very good. I started blogging with an article about the simultaneous event promotions of Ra.One and F1 in India. That was my first step in the blogging.

By this time, I got some dedicated readers and I lost half of them with this post. But till today, I don’t regret writing that article. It was about the dark side of Gandhi. Every person has shades of grey in them and I feel Gandhi has got some too, which are darker than known to a common man. That’s what I portrayed and I always stand on my words!

This one was special. This is an anniversary gift to my friend Sandhya on the occasion of the completion of one year of their love. It was special for me too, because after this post, I established my own style of narration and a special one.

Only post in my blog which is a copy paste. But I never thought of removing it as it is the copy of the speech given by the gentleman of cricket Rahul Dravid and it’s always inspiring.

My nine posts were good and readers liked them. But this one was something unique. It was straight from the heart. This post, “A Final Note” is a story encouraging the spread of the anti-suicide campaigns. Reason behind writing this story is the suicide of my batch mate. I was neither one of his best friends nor did I spend much time with him, but I just couldn’t sleep after hearing the tragic news. My heart was filled with grief and agony and I had to do something about it. I still don’t remember when I took the pen and when I completed the story. I posted it as a tribute to him and it got huge response. More than the response, it was the thought that maybe I could change the mind of at least one person made me happy. According to many readers, it is my best work till date. I don’t really know whether it is or not, but it changed my level of writing.

This blog post marked the beginning of my beloved series named “College Diaries”. Each and every article of the series is based on the personal experiences and specially dedicated to MANIT students.

I feel this article is the most underrated work of mine. It was not an easy one to write, I wrote it in two languages separately and yet it was not much appreciated. I learnt a valuable lesson that to maintain a blog, your hard work doesn’t matter. All that matters is the connection of the post with the readers. From that moment, every article I wrote was keeping readers in mind.

My one such post which I read every time I open my blog. It is the replica of my love and respect towards Nolan and his professionalism. Nolan is loved by all, but understood by only a few. That’s what I want to, through this post, to explain Nolan.

Twenty One:
Well, that’s a hat trick. Three back to back posts which I loved writing. This post started as an idea of describing the most beautiful girl I ever saw and ended up being the most emotional post of my blog. A friend of mine told me, “Man, I tried hard to control it, but at the end a tear drop managed to escape my eye which doesn’t happen regularly”. When I still read it today, I feel elated. This is my favourite post of my entire blog.

Twenty three:
It’s a tribute post to the heroes of 26.11 in my own style of narration and concepts. I am proud of it.

Twenty Nine:
This post was only about the incident happened with my friend, YRK. I didn’t expect readers to be happy with this post, but in contrast, I got many accolades.

Thirty Seven:
There are one or two posts in between which deserve a mention, but I am too excited to write about this. This is probably the post with best concept among my works. I always had this thought about the “Love at First Sight”. But when I put it into words, it turned out to be elegant and beautiful. I got a compliment from my junior that the article is so good that she pictured the placed I described in the article everytime she reads it. These kind of compliments fuel our thought process even more.

Twilight! It was an easy one to write and the response to this story was tremendous.

Forty Two:
It was an unintentional article. My junior, Priyanshi asked me to write about some concept in psychology. I accepted the challenge and completed the article. But after sending it to her, I found out that I understood the concept entirely in a wrong way. But the outcome was great, though not the one we desired. Narration style was praised.

Forty Four:
This article elevated the readership of my blog to the next level. I got numerous compliments of which a common one was that I describe the female lead role in my writings with great elegance and I am very good at it. That’s a compliment I would always cherish.

Forty Five:
It was inspired from the trailer of the film “Ugly”. I tried a new style by mixing article writing and story writing into a single work. This was not welcomed by many and it discouraged me of my further attempts towards such a style. But at the end, it stood 7th among 143 articles in a writing competition and gave me some relief.

Here we are, at the fiftieth step of my blogging career and I thank each and every reader who have been with me through thin and thick. Special thanks to YRK and Bhargava who have taught me the basics of writing in English and Avinash who was my critic at every stage and a very good adviser. Thanks to everyone who have encouraged me and supported me. A very special thanks to Ankita for suggesting me this topic which made me revisit my good old memories.   


  1. reading through this article made me revisit all those old posts, writing 50 posts is not a simple thing and u have a unique capability of portraying any concept with a story which explains your imaginative power . this will also make u a good speaker because people of all age love of to listen stories .finally, i wholeheartedly wish that this journey of ur blog be continued forever.i always have one suggestion for u i.e apart from writing blogs, start reading books of different genre ,this gives u different perspectives of authors and helps u to understand the readers point of view. this will definetely help in a long way

    1. Thank you so much. And yeah, I'll keep your suggestion in mind and start reading books :)

  2. As Ash would put it, writing a 50 is as hard as it is for Rohit to do it. You did it my friend. And as I always did, I envy your skills of conception. No one would do it better. And of the emotions you write, those always touche', it's wonderful to be in such a company. May this journey prolong. It's a sin to not express your idea. You are on your steps to heaven. GREAT JOB!!! PARTY!!!

    1. These remarks are the ones which makes me keep going. "It's a sin to not express your idea!" (y) . Thank you for your support. :)