Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Life is beautiful


Love has no boundaries, but has certain rules. Sacrifice and acceptance being the most important among them.

At last, I am going to propose her today. It has been over two years since we met and she became an inseparable part of my life. I am just another fat idiot who sits in the back benches trying to ignore every word said by the lecturers. The only thing I know (knew) was to write and I stopped doing that too, when my writings were rejected by college magazine to publish their “jugaadu” writers’ articles. In short, I have nothing special in me. These thoughts are the ones which held me back from proposing her all these days. Today, I got placed in a reputed company. Of course, I was given a job designation which I was not even aware of its existence before 2 months. But I’m happy, as were the 90% of the students who got jobs which are nowhere near their dream jobs. I told my parents and they were proud of me. The next thing I decided is that I am going to propose to Maya!

“Love is magic, figuratively and literally. If magic is nothing but a simple act covered up by illusions which make it look difficult to understand, then love is no different!” With these lines, I completed writing my third book at 5 am in the morning. Then I went on to make two cups of coffee and with that I woke up Maya. Her hair all messed up and mascara half faded, she was looking eternal in those shorts and Minion tees. As her brown eyes were still half closed, her two beautiful glossy lips were sipping the Coffee. After she drank the coffee, I kissed her and my son who’s speeling and got out from there. I now have Maya in my life and I became a writer. Wasn’t this all I asked for?

“Life is beautiful. Isn’t it?”

As I went to her home, aunty said that she was upstairs, in her bedroom. I knocked and went inside to surprise her, only to find her bleeding from her head. We took her to the hospital and all the tests were done. Aunty came out furiously, slapped me and told me not to bring her daughter home again. I went in. She told me crying, that she is pregnant and the guy responsible for it refused to even talk her from the moment he came to know about it. She tried to shoot herself with the airsoft gun, but being the plastic bullets, they only penetrated till the border of her brain. Her condition was stable for the next 7 months but while giving birth to her child, her brain condition got serious and she went into the state of severe trauma. From then on, she can only perform the involuntary actions such as eating, drinking etc.

I gave up my job and started writing again so that I can always be there to take care of her. I moved away to US as my parents found it humiliating that I’m raising her child as my own and making her a part of my family. I still wait for her to wake up. And I don’t even know if she accepts my proposal.

Life isn’t beautiful in itself. It’s your way of acceptance and adjusting power that makes your life beautiful and meaningful.

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