Friday, 30 March 2012

College Diaries-III (A Special Bday)

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."  - Einstein
"And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years." - AB Lincoln
" 18 is the age at which i was supposed to get wisdom, maturity and decision taking capability. But what I got instead was lots and lots of love and memories, thanks to the hostel life."
18! It doesn’t sound practical, but it sure changes the way of your life. It was the day I turned 18!!
First time in my life it was not the price that is highlighted in
CCD. The pleasant view of never ending waters and long
ranged trees stunned my eye, through the balcony of CCD(lake view).
This green bluish scenario(of course wrong wordings, but I
Kind of like the sound of it!!!) has left me gazing at it. It was one of
the great lunch I ever had, thanks to my friends Bhargav and
Ravi. This treat even made me forget hundreds of wishes and
few ‘important’ phone calls I got that day.
I was given a diary and a parker pen as gifts, rather as the
compensations for the pain caused by GPL. That was a real
severe one, my GPL programme. As the clock was ticking nearer to 12, I started wearing more and more layers of trousers and my friends giving me a look of typical south indian movie goons.
Pain remained for two days
and the crazy experience for life time! That was the day I realised why  students keep broken LAN wires and belts safe with them.

In my childhood I was
told that birthday was that one day which reminds you of
your count of friends. But I feel that it is the one day which
also gives a false count of friends, since many of them wish u just
because fb reminds them to wish!!! These pseudo
relationships , in my view , are equal to rotten relationships.
These wishes never give happiness acquired when any one
wishes you whole heartedly.

Adding to all of the unforgettable experiences that day, she
made my Birthday fill with joy, excitement and lots of love.
She asked me to pick up from her hostel at 6 and there I was
waiting for her. Oh my god! That was my first reaction when I
saw her that evening. She was looking absolutely stunning in
her Black and red blended saree. I was sure everyone would
be out of their minds at the restaurant. Oops, I forgot to tell
you, she planned a candle light dinner for us. The light of the
candle was reflecting on her face, making her look more
beautiful. She fed me that day treating me like a small child.
And finally while leaving she gave me most precious gift of
Life- The first kiss! Of course not more precious than the pure
hearted blessings of my parents. But it was more magical. I
was just perplexed. We did not talk in the ride back to
hostel. But while bading goodbye, I ended my most
memorable birthday with a promise to her that we would not
be parting until I see off my last Birthday, making it
memorable for her too.

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